Wednesday, May 26, 2010

La Vie Bittersweet

Music by Alex Khaskin, provided through Media Music Now.

This film was such a learning process, and I loved every frustrating minute of it. Goodbye, Pierre. You were such a fatty.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Animation Reel

Since I put it up on my website and stuff, I figure I might as well also put up my animation reel on my blog. I finally feel like I have stuff to show people what I do now, and it feels quite nice.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I officially have a website! Sorry I haven't updated with anything; I have sketches I want to upload but I need this site done for class so it took priority. But seriously, check it:

Charapoo's Website!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The biggest thing I'm working on in class right now is creating a submission package to send to studios when I'm job hunting. The package includes printed materials like business cards, flatbooks, resumes, and letterheads, as well as long and short reels and a website. An important part of the package is essentially branding myself so I have a constant "look" on all items that people can recognize. My look is turning quite pink and sparkly, as was expected:

My business card (with contact information removed for privacy reasons: normally I would have my phone number, website address, and email going along 3 rays):

My flatbook front/ back cover (same thing with contact info, with the back cover being the same deal as in my business card and on the front cover I have the same info written on the bottom white bar):

My letterhead (contact info normally written in white on bottom bar):

I'm actually pretty excited to have this all printed out at the end of the quarter; I feel so professional already! ;)

Sketch Dump

I had to scan a whole bunch of drawings to put into my flatbook, so I'll post some select pages here:

Some 2 minute gestures. There's this one model we have who's really good, and gives us some really dynamic poses to work with. It really bums me out when I go to a session and find the model is not him. :(

A collection of animal sketches. I'm really bad with drawing animals, so I hope to keep more of these coming. The hamsters on the bottom right are mine, and the rest are animals I saw on Planet Earth.

An assortment of Cleo sketches. Some are just sketches for fun, others are thumbnails for my animation assignments.