Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've neglected this poor blog for far too long. I've been doing a fair amount of drawing, but since I'm at the boyfriend's I don't have instant access to a scanner. Scanning here generally means having to ask his mom to get off her computer, and unless the boyfriend's scanning his own stuff already I feel kinda bad having to bother people about it. I've got some good stuff though, and I seem to be emerging from what felt like the worst art-block ever so hopefully I'll be having stuff to show you soon.

In the meanwhile, I did manage to get this quickie up:

It's a bit of fanart for my boyfriend's webcomic. It's ending its run on the internet this weekend, so I thought I'd show it some love. I'm still struggling to emerge from my old style-habits, but I like the way these guys came out. The backgrounds are crappy, but I'm going to excuse it since it is just a quickie.

Friday, June 5, 2009


A little commemorative piece I did to thank my Digicel class for an awesome quarter.

I actually just want an excuse to draw ol' Marie some more. Oh I love her so.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slow days

It's been a little slow at Chateau d'Boyfriend, and since I don't have free access to a scanner I might be a little behind uploading my sketches. I do have some sketches I did back in Savannah when I was exploring a new idea for my senior film (spoiler: I'm not doing the tea ceremony idea!), so here:

My new idea involves a cake bride. The rest is still a secret, until I write up a proper premise. In the meanwhile, have a happy sheep:

(I found this on Digg, and it makes me happy to no end)