Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The biggest thing I'm working on in class right now is creating a submission package to send to studios when I'm job hunting. The package includes printed materials like business cards, flatbooks, resumes, and letterheads, as well as long and short reels and a website. An important part of the package is essentially branding myself so I have a constant "look" on all items that people can recognize. My look is turning quite pink and sparkly, as was expected:

My business card (with contact information removed for privacy reasons: normally I would have my phone number, website address, and email going along 3 rays):

My flatbook front/ back cover (same thing with contact info, with the back cover being the same deal as in my business card and on the front cover I have the same info written on the bottom white bar):

My letterhead (contact info normally written in white on bottom bar):

I'm actually pretty excited to have this all printed out at the end of the quarter; I feel so professional already! ;)

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