Friday, March 27, 2009

Off focus

Like every Japanese stereotype, I always carry my camera in my bag just in case the opportunity arises for a nice picture with my friends. I also enjoy taking pictures of things I find pretty that might in some way feed into my drawings. I figure I post some here, just so I can vary up the content of this blog. These are images I took myself, which is why they're so... snapshot. But still, I like finding inspiration on my own.

I have a whole bunch of these though, so I'm going to start off with a "Vintage-esque architecture" theme.

Not necessarily vintage, but vintage looking. (It's a Sephora store. I love shopping in New York <3)

Another New York snapshot of a building with some old advertising left on it. There's something about old directly-on-building ads that I love so much. Savannah has a few too, and I adore it.

Again, not necessarily vintage, but there's something so "Amityville" about that sign. I feel like we should be in vintage sundresses with wide-rimmed hats, sunbathing while Jaws lurks in the water.

If you ignore the girl in the picture, you will see that the sidewalk is all brick and torn up from the roots of bushes overflowing from nearby gardens and years of general wear. There's something so Beatrix Potter about this area, I love it. This is in the Historic District of downtown Savannah, so I count it as "vintage".

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