Sunday, August 23, 2009


So lately I've been on a roll with everything not related to my senior film ^_^;;; I did finish my animatic, but unfortunately my computer won't export it into a movie file without completely wrecking the quality so I can't post it here until I get back to school. Which sucks, since I was really hoping I could get some critiques and stuff before then.

But either way, I'll be having my art direction in fairly soon, and hopefully a couple backgrounds too. In the meantime, have some more of my Vespa girl. I changed her name to Kei, and now her Vespa's name is Sora. In case anyone noticed. >_>

A little graphic-y. I wanted to make something summery and subtle-y sexy.

I have a big elaborate background in the works for this one. Hopefully I can get it done without completely taking time away from my senior film.... >w>;;

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