Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been wanting to use my blog as a place to keep note of all the little things that inspire me (read: things I like): cupcakes, pink, lace, ribbons, dresses, fairytales, all sorts of things. It's always hard to explain how these things work their way into my drawings, but I think it'll be a fun exercise for me to write them down. So for organization's sake, I'll be starting a series of posts called "Sara Loves" in which I'll describe my current obsession.

And what better personal obsession to start off with than desserts? I'm such a sucker for sweet things, and nothing gets me more excited than a beautiful batch of cupcakes and little desserts. They're so small and colorful, like little edible decorations... <3

If only there were a way I can eat them and keep them to look at, too...

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