Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Senior film

Here's the script for my senior film. I may end up tweaking this later, but it's pretty close to final. Hopefully this will allow for some striking visuals (backgrounds, character designs, etc) and be relatively easy to animate.


The location is a traditional Japanese teahouse. The weather is beautiful, and the house is surrounded by rich fall foliage. Inside is a young woman in a kimono sitting serenely in front of a small tea set. The woman is the embodiment of calm- with her closed eyes and perfect posture she prepares to start the ceremony. With still closed eyes she straightens up, lifts her right arm, and gently pulls back the sleeve with her left. As she extends her arm for the tea bowl she suddenly perks up in alert, her eyes opening for the first time. She looks around as if she heard something, but can’t figure out where the noise came from. Slightly miffed at having broken her concentration, the girl lets out a small cough and goes back to her original posture to start over. As she extends her arm for the second time, she once again hears a noise, but this time it is louder. She looks around sharply, irritation rising in her expression. Frozen, she tries to locate the source with her eyes until something passes by the girl’s face and she tries to swat it away. The girl misses, and the thing comes back to fly right across her face. The noise is coming from a bug. The girl is angry at the bug for ruining her zen and she immediately tries to destroy it, arms flailing in the air. The bug continues to escape, and the scene quickly turns into a battle. In her desperation, the girl starts throwing everything around her. Finally, the girl is exhausted and slumps back down. Her hair and kimono is messy, and she is panting heavily. Suddenly, the bug flies in front of her face, and the girl puts out her hand. The bug lands on her finger, and she realizes it’s a ladybug. The girl’s heart temporarily melts, until she looks closer to see it rubbing its disgusting arms in a fly like manner. The girl is appalled, and after a brief pause kills it.


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