Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here's the new premise for my senior film. Some details towards the end have been changed, but this is the basic idea.


Theme: Love found/lost
Tone: Humorous, dark comedy
The location is a traditional Parisian bakery. The bakery is old fashioned and charming, with many impressive wedding cakes lining the store windows. Inside, amidst his many edible masterpieces, is a lonely patissier. As he adds the finishing touches to his latest wedding cake, he sadly compares himself to the happy wedding-topper couple. Without a lover, his life is bittersweet. As he looks out of his store to the lovers strolling the streets outside, he comes up with a brilliant conclusion: if he cannot find himself a lover, he’ll make himself one.
The plan is a success, and the patissier soon has for himself a sweet cake-lover. He falls in love with her immediately, and after several dates (visiting the Eiffel Tower, eating at fashionable cafes, and picnicking at the park), the patissier decides to make his lover his wife. After a beautiful ceremony, the patissier finds himself his happy ending.
However, soon the hapless baker finds that married life is not all bliss, and that his blushing bride is not the wife he expected. Several children later, the patissier is overwhelmed with work and home making, as his wife helps him with neither. Eventually the man is pushed to the brink, and resorts to extreme measures to rid himself of this unexpected nightmare. Although his married life was a failure and his wife a dud, the patissier consoles himself with the knowledge that his wife and children were delicious.


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